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Visitor apatel006
Registered: ‎06-22-2015

Using XPS Ethernet LIte MAC core



I'm new to FPGAs and know very little about FPGAs. I am working with ethernet communication. I need test ethernet connectivity by send data packages and see if it reached to approriate destination host. There will be 12 different network host in the network. The network is already bulid by using ethernet switches on a circuit card. I just need bulit a test circuit that would test the connectivity of that network. For this, I plan to use XPS Ethernet Lite MAC core with Virtex-6 ML605 Evaluation board. However, I have few questions that i am not sure. First, I am not if would be able to do this by using ethernet core and evaluation board for all the 12 channels (consist of 100BASE-TX and MII interface) in one board. Second, I am not if i would need to use 1 core or 12 cores to design this and if all the design would fit in the fpga virtex 6.

I would appreciate your respond and any other alterntive way of handling this test without using PC/Laptop. I need to run an automatic test.


Thanks in advance,

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