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Registered: ‎12-12-2017

ZC702 HDMI Output Verilog



ZC702 Board.  I have some script go generate test images for VGA output.  This works.


I am trying to use the ZC702 board for an HDMI output for a first step of the project, However some issues with I2C and configuring device.  I attache my I2C Controller and Config files.  Also the simulation.  Really not clear to my why this is not working.  I also attach my test bench snippet, and the actual test bench for HDMI ADV7511 Configuration from Application note 1270 with the I2C writes.


Some general questions:


Why does ZC702 documentation say one set of addresses  and the PCA9548 has another set of addresses.  


Should my aknowledge cycle be 1'b1 or 1'bz on the SDA line? I see some conflicting information here. 

Is clock stretching OK?  as you can see in my snippet there is some delay in the CLK while waiting for acknowledge.

Any other issues ?








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Registered: ‎12-12-2017

Re: ZC702 HDMI Output Verilog



Also, wanted to comment: 


Why does ZC702 documentation have 9 addresses for an 8 switch device?:  I2C Address is 0x74 but there is listed 8 other channels for each other device.

PCA9548 docs have another set of addresses for writing to PCA9548 I2C (Table 1 section 9.6 of documentation, 8 channels 0x70-0x77)  In this documentation 0x74 is channel 5.  This is the discrepency i was referring to.



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