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Visitor kmansour
Registered: ‎02-20-2019

Zedboard Power Consumption Monitoring


I am currently trying to evaluate the power consumption of different hardware designs using a Zedboard.

My approach is the following: I have three different HLS implementations, which I synthesized into IP cores, then I design a full system that includes the Zynq PS7 and a few peripherals e.g. AXI DMA, AXI Timer... I basically keep the same design while changing the custom IP core for each one.

I tested and simulated each design, and everything works fine. I am now trying to measure the power consumption of each of them. I read in a few places that I could use the J21 header, since it has a 10m-Ohm shunt resistor, so I can just get the voltage across it and then calculate the current, then the total power drawn by the board.

The problem is that when I monitor that header (probes 1 and 2), I pretty much see no difference between the 3 designs, although Xilinx Power Estimator (XPE) in Vivado shows a change of about 10-15% between each of them. So I do not understand what I am doing wrong, or maybe am I missing something? Has anyone had any experience with such a thing before?


The values I read from my voltmeter are the following:

Before programming the board: ~1.6 mV

After programming the PL and running a software on the PS: ~2.8 mV for all the designs (it fluctuates slightly but I expect to see more drastic changes)


I actually even tried running the Hello World example, including only the Zynq PS7 in the Block Design, and the voltmeter reads around 2.7 mV - which kind of makes sense, but it should have been much lower, and also means that I should actually see some differences when it comes to running the other designs.



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Community Manager
Community Manager
Registered: ‎07-23-2015

Re: Zedboard Power Consumption Monitoring

@kmansour  What is the difference in Power in XPE between the designs you notice? 

Also notice that you are measuring the current of the 12V rail and so based on your design, unless there is quite a difference in Power consumption that effects in a higher draw on the 12V rail, you won't see the drop across the 10mOhm resistor. Also the accuracy and resolution of your multimeter matters. 

- Giri
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