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Registered: ‎09-27-2013

vc707 boot from BPI flash with microblaze running

Greetings. Using Vivado 2014.4 here on a vc707 fmc board. I cannot get my vc707 to boot my design from BPI flash AND have it run the microblaze software. I can tell that the non-microblaze HDL is booting fine based off of blinking LEDs, but I don't see any UART prints or SW specific LEDs from my Microblaze code.


The entire system works fine if I program via non-volatile means (hardware manager and SDK debugger).


Can someone review these high level steps and let me know if this is correct or if I am missing anything?


1) Change linker script to target BRAM ctrl for all code sections.

2) Build SW, add *.ELF back into Vivado as a design source.

3) In Vivado, right click ELF file -> Associate -> Change microblaze associated elf file from bootloop to my *.elf file

4) Tools -> Edit Device Properties -> Change all associated fields to match the settings from the Example Multiboot project

5) Regenerate bit file.

6) Use this TCL command to generate an *.mcs: write_cfgmem -format mcs -interface bpix16 -size 128 -loadbit "up 0x0 myproj.bit" -file myproj.mcs (Using the *.bit file that was generated in the impl_1 directory.

7) Set board SW11 to "00010"

8) Use hardware manager to add the configuration memory and load it.


I've read through this guide and I believe I am doing everything: http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/sw_manuals/xilinx2014_1/ug908-vivado-programming-debugging.pdf



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