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Observer jimmystone
Registered: ‎05-17-2010

Any way to cascad a user TAP to Xilinx TAP in Zynq-7000

Hi, All

There is a JTAG interface in my PL design which help my debug.

I wonder if there is any way cascaded the JTAG in my design to the one on Zynq (PL_TDO/TMS/TCK/TDI), so I can only use one JTAG port for all the staff.

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-10-2008

回复: Any way to cascad a user TAP to Xilinx TAP in Zynq-7000

Not sure if I get your question:

1. You set the JTAG mode of Zynq to Cascade mode then you can connect PL TAP and PS DAP together.

2. You daisy chain another 3rd party with Zynq device, in this case the PL JTAG ports can then detect all the three: PL, PS and the 3rd party.


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