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Observer willice
Registered: ‎08-24-2016

Booting SREC files in BPI Flash

I'm currently trying to run applications from the same BPI flash that I'm using to program the Spartan FPGA on the SP605 kit.

I have successfully merged the programming bit file with the bootloader.elf file to create one download.bit file.

I have converted all my .elf programs to SREC files.

In the blconfig.h files I have put in the correct offsets. (i.e. program_1 (FLASH_BASE0_ADDR + 0x0920000)) I have four other programs with the offset incremented similar to the BIST programs sent with the board.  The Flash base address is 0x90000000.

Two problems:

1. On the xilinx step by step procedure, they have the following step:


  • Back in SDK, click on Xilinx Tools -> Launch Shell
  • Type in:
    • promgen -p bin -c FF -o swapped.bin -data_file up 0 hello_world_0.elf.srec -w
    • you will need to point "hello_world_0.elf.srec" to wherever your srec is saved (generally under hw_platform_0/cache)

   When I try to run the Launch Shell, I get an error.  I'm using the ISE 14.7 Win10 version that is ran from a VM.  So I never convert the SREC file to a bin file.

2. When I create the .mcs file using the iMPACT tool I'm confused when adding the SREC files to Flash.  The Xilinx step says to add the bin file (in my case the SREC file) to a location that is not the same address as described when offsetting the program.  (i.e. Set the flash offset to 0x01200000, but in adding to the Flash it states Add it to address location 0x0090 0000).

I've been working on this for the past two days and I'm sure the solution is trivial.  But when I download the mcs file and run the program, the FPGA is properly configured and the bootloader program runs.  It isn't until I select one of my programs and I get the following error:

Reading SRECORDS from Linear BPI Flash at: 0x90920000
ERROR: Error while reading an SREC line from flash

I'm I not putting the SREC files in the right Flash location?  Should it be bin files in order for it to work?



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Observer willice
Registered: ‎08-24-2016

Re: Booting SREC files in BPI Flash

No possible solutions from anyone?

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