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Registered: ‎11-20-2018

Config PROM reprogramming - JTAG algorithm

Hi,  I want my FPGA (Spartan 7 most likely) to be able to receive a streamed config file via a comms link, from a remote store of code, and write to its own config PROM by hijacking the JTAG port and driving it from the FPGA itself. I'd use the multiboot fallback system to guarantee that we can still boot even if power was lost during such an attempt to reprogram the PROM. To do this I'd implement the ACE system described in XAPP424

Q: Is it possible to use the ACE system to just erase the Main OR Golden code sectors but not both at once?

I am hoping that I can create two separate .svf files that can be in-system programmed into the config PROM at separate times, so if there is a power brownout, I keep my config header, and one bootable set of config code, allowing me to recover. What I want to avoid is doing a full PROM erase, thus losing my ability to reprogram if I lose power before I program the new code into the freshly erased PROM

Q2: Can you create an .svf file that just locks or unlocks sectors of the PROM that you can run through the ACE system?

    - JohnD


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