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Registered: ‎11-06-2019

Ml605 Evaluation kit BIST problem

I tried to check ml605 BIST by using tera term as shown in pictures below ,

when I am pressing switch 3 and press any key from 1 to D to test the features I get error 
but when i am pressing switch 4 and make the test again the test operates correctly and leds start to flash .

what is the problem then ?

should we  restore compact flash ? 

should we  edit MHS and UCF files as shown in AR# 44814?

Should we replace our DDR 1 GB with another one 512 MB as shown in AR# 44814?
please check pictures below 

test fail using sw3test fail using sw3test succeed using sw 4test succeed using sw 4sw 2 and sw 3sw 2 and sw 3

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