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Registered: ‎02-09-2018

Problem with Install the usb driver and Assigning a Static IP Address for smartlynq

Note: I use vivado 2017.4 in windows 7 and  according to the description of (AR# 69951) I upgraded the firmware of smartlynq  to 2017.4.


Problem 1:

 When I connect with usb in first time, Windows automatically installs the device driver. When complete, a message appears: Smart JTAG Cable installed. Then an IP address appears on the display( according to the description of  UG1258 page 10  when I Open the Hardware Manager ,and  I choose the Remote server and specify the IP address shown on the SmartLynq Data Cable display. but  I could not connect  to the target board.( A message appears that the usb cable is not connected)


Problem 2:

I'm giving the smartlynq  a dynamic ip using a server computer(Connect through Ethernet). Then connect the smartlynq to a computer with Windows 7 and use the vivado 2017.4 to connect to the target board according to the description of  UG1258 page 7(There is no problem so far).

When I work to change the ip according to the description of  UG1258 page 19 , I encounter the following message:

[labtoolstcl 44-629] could not update smart cable. Unable to open  source file config.ini


I find the location of the project file using the tcl (set_property directory [current_project])  command and  my config.ini file is placed on the track found.


Please check my configuration file. If there is a problem guide me.



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Registered: ‎04-12-2017

Hello @saeedgh96,


Once device driver has been installed please unplug the cable and plug it again in the same port.

Please try with a different evaluation board as well.

Make sure that ribbon cable is connected correctly on board.


I tried with 2017.2, 20217.3 as well as 2017.4 version of VIVADO tool.

It works well.


Are you seeing this behavior since initial or it worked for some time ?

Which OS are you working on ?

Please try with a different machine.


Thank you.


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