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Registered: ‎09-18-2020

Replacing DMAed DDR with BRAM

First off, most of this is unimportant to the issues, but I am running 2020.1 with a KC705 Kintex dev board connected to an Analog Devices AD9361 board (FMCOMMS2) over the FMC.

I am working off of an example design from Analog Devices that seems to work fine for this setup and using uBlaze (no os) to run things.  I will be receiving a custom board soon that does not have DDR on it, like the KC705 does, which Analog Devices utilizes.  My plan was to implement the memory in BRAM instead, but I have some questions on it.  I was hoping to not have to change too much on the uBlaze side so that my known good code can say known, and good.

Here is a snippet of the original ADI design:


So, I figured, OK, let's just drop out the DDR and replace it with a BRAM controller:


But of course, that doesn't quite make sense to do.  So what is the easiest way (meaning least amount of changes to uBlaze software) to switch to BRAM from DDR?  I've looked over this design:  , but it is for the Zynq, so I am not 100% sure that it is applicable to my situation.

Any advice?

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