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Registered: ‎04-16-2015

SmartLynq programmer model identifier

Hi there,


We have an internal framework, generating bitstream packages for JTAG programming our FPGAs. Until now, we used only the Platform Cable USB II, but soon we want to support the new SmartLynq programmer as well.


We would like to detect/extract the type of the programmer when we connect to the HW server.


On the back of the programmer I can see the model identifier which is:

  • DLC10 for Platform Cable USB II
  • DLC20 for SmartLynq


After I connect to the hw server by the connect_hw_server command, I run a report_property [current_hw_target] , where I have a property called PARAM.DEVICE pointing to the type of the JTAG programmer, which shows:

  • jsn-DLC10-xxxxxxxxxxxx for the Platform Cable USB II
  • jsn-XSC0-xxxxxxxxxxx     for the SmartLynq programmer




  1. In case of the SmartLynq programmer why is jsn-xsc0 is shown and not the actual model type DLC20?
  2. Is there any other parameter/script that I should check/run to get the proper values reflecting the programmers model?
  3. Is it possible to set manually the model number in the config.ini file in the same way "Static IP Address" can be changed? (e.g.  update_hw_firmware –skip_update –config_path config.ini –reset )



     Thank you!

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