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Observer dmi_iii
Registered: ‎09-02-2015

Spartan 3E 1600 bitstream (bit) + Microblaze program (elf) on SPI Flash loading

Dear Xilinx,


I would like to make MCS file from bitstream (.bit) and program (.elf) file for my M25P16 SPI Flash on Spartan 3E-1600 Microblaze Development Kit to have the automatic loading the firmware after switching on.


I checked the my design via SDK (by Xilinx Tools->Program FPGA) and Run->Run. My application for Microblaze works properly.


I added two these files to Impact utility (by using Create PROM File-> SPI Flash->Configure Single FPGA and by chosing 16M and setting to Add Non-Configuration Data Files (YES). Afterwards I generated MCS and wrote it to Flash. After switching off/on I noticed that my bitstream was downloaded (my led started to blink) but the program didn't started.


What I did wrong?

Should I change the linker's parameters?



Thank you!



With Best Wishes,



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