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Registered: ‎10-05-2018

XPS custom xbd in AXI

Hi to all, 

               I have a custom board using spartan-6 LX16 and I already have an xbd using mlpb bus and its working OK. Now I want to use AXI bus and Im trying to create another xbd using XPS. As template Im using the  Xilinx_KC705 xbd board as reference and here comes the error, for some reason XPS is not finding the xbd.

I tried with differents things, like:

1) changing the location of the folder (inside edk/boards)

2) using another templates

3) Try to use an older one version of XPS (yes - an older one of ISE 14.7)

I read this link  but I already now how to create an xbd for MPLB bus. 

Im using ISE 14.7 on Linux Tumbleweed. I only can use SP605-SP601-KC705 and another one more in AXI but I dont understand why XPS is not loading the custom xbd I have if I used the KC705 as reference.



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