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Observer daniel1111
Registered: ‎04-30-2013

configuring Artix 7 from a MCP x16 NOR + x16 pSRAM

Hi .

I'm wondering if it is possible to load configuration to the Artix 7 (ac50t) when using a MCP memory .  I didn't see that option in the configuration guide but the NOR is a parrallel NOR, x16 bit wide.

the address and comand pins are common to the pSRAM and the NOR .

an MCP for example would be https://www.micron.com/parts/mcp/nor-flashpsram/mt38l3031aa03jvzzi?pc={F4E257BF-8A97-4133-B2FB-60940F13049A}

 or so of SPANSION .


if any one has a better idea how one can save board space , have a 64Mb NOR and 64Mb RAM at least ,and configure the artix ,  all at the same time , I'll be more than happy to hear ...


thank you all!




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Newbie mxdsgnl
Registered: ‎03-03-2016

Re: configuring Artix 7 from a MCP x16 NOR + x16 pSRAM

Xilinx supports configuration from Micron P30 device.
Here is the P30 supported access commands:
Xilinx BPI will read the header starting at address 0x0000_000 in asynchronous mode until it determines that the configuration was targeted to a NOR device that supports synchronous read access.  This was compiled into the header using a build switch.  In order to upgrade the connection, the BPI sets the synchronous read mode bit in the RCR.
The P30 RCR is accessible using
The M58WR128KT/B RCR is accessible using the same command:
Configuration Registers of both devices are nearly identical.
• CR9 (Bit 9) The P30 doesn't appear to support Interleaved Burst Sequence.  Both devices default to Sequential burst types.
• CR[13:11] The P30 has six valid latency counts, the M58WR supports five latency counts.  M58WR doesn't specify a 6 clock latency.  Both devices default to the maximum seven clock latencies.
The P30 RCR register
The M58WR128KT/B RCR register:
M58WR128KT/B supports synchronous reads at 66MHz.  P30 device supports synchronous reads at 52MHz.  The latency requirements for both devices are the same at maximum access rate (4 clocks) default is 7.  
 1. What is the RCD value that upgrades the asynchronous connection to a synchronous connection?
2. This PSRAM device onboard NOR supports asynchronous access.  Can we fall back to that if the synchronous connection fails?
3. I can’t find a single difference between a P30 Flash and the M58WR128KT/B that prevents a synchronous configuration.  Have the MCM PSRAM devices just not been tested or are they known not to configure an Artix-7?

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