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Registered: ‎09-30-2020

problem with sending file from pc to genesys 2 using UART

Hello guys,

i have a problem with a program that i need to write: for now i want to send with tera term a text file with 200002 number , and i want to print them into teraterm (this is the first part for my project). So i'm using IP integrator in vivado 2016.4 and i used DDR3 SDRAM , UART and Microblaze block (i follow the guide for hello world of genesys but i change to max the both option of memory of the microblaze) then i generate the bitstream and export into SDK. i write an basic program (see photo) and i have a lot of problem:

1) i need a lot of time for send file.

2) only the 15th nymber are correct.

3) if i cange baud rate the number will not be printed into tera term.

4) can i use a ethernet connection by my modem (where is collegated my pc)  for send faster the text file? if yes how? i need a good guide (i tryed the echo server guide but i have problem with vivado 2016.4 with a clock connection between 2 blocks)

ps:don't see the first printf of my program.

please help me .

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