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Aurora 64B66B reset2fg goes active once a while

My generated 4-lane Aurora 64b66b simplex TX output "reset2fg" sometimes goes active. During that time TREADY also goes low (not accepting transmitting data) and cause my transmitted data to overflown. The Aurora user guide does not describe much about the signal reset2fg beside saying it is used to reset the frame generator in the example design.

My question is why the reset2fg goes active and TREADY drop. What is the cause and how to fix it.

I notice that all 4 lanes stay up, channel is still up, mmcm does not go out of lock at all.


Tri Doan

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Re: Aurora 64B66B reset2fg goes active once a while

I find this is an old post. If you did not find the reason for this question yet, please check "auto link recovery for simplex" section of Aurora product guide. reset2fg is a signal input to frame generator module in example design. You can ignore this output for your application.
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Re: Aurora 64B66B reset2fg goes active once a while

Thanks Venkata for your response.

I have found out this is a big issue for my design because not just to reset the frame generator or frame checker, the Aurora IP stops transmitting data during that reset time, and hence causing a big back pressure on transmitted data.


According to IP manual, since I am using simplex TX mode, the Aurora IP, once a while, stops transmitting data, switching to its own channel bonding cycle to make sure the receiver can stay in sync with the transmitter. There is a parameter to specify how often this channel bonding cycle will happen, but it does not help in my case.


I finally have to tweak the design to make the channel bonding cycle happen only during my idle HSync time, when no data is transmitted.


BTW, according to IP user manual, this happen only in Simplex mode. But I have not tried the other modes yet.