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BUG: Vivado: non-executable .tcl files shall not have +x flag

There are thousands of *.tcl files, which are not directly executable (no interpreter directive), but have +x flag set.

Accidentially trying to execute them can (depending on currently used shell) lead to problematic situations, even data loss or security vulnerabilities.


Fix: remove the +x flag.


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Re: BUG: Vivado: non-executable .tcl files shall not have +x flag

Hi @metux,


I general, this is not an issue for most files.  For example, if someone attempts to execute a readme file, nothing will happen even though it has x permissions.  Giving x permission is a system default and unless the umask is set to turn it off or Xilinx explicitly turns it off for a specific file it will be set.  Xilinx does not typically restrict any file permissions unless there is a need.

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Re: BUG: Vivado: non-executable .tcl files shall not have +x flag

Same as here:


Please make yourself confident with the essential basics of the operating system before making such completely wrong claims.