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Registered: ‎09-23-2018

Creating an IP similar to AXI Interconnect

I am using a multiplier IP and an adder IP. I want to pass the result of multiplication to the adder IP such that it adds the product to itself and then provide the solution to the PS. I can add all the code in a single IP but finally, I am interested in applying this concept to another project. As a part of this project, I have to use an existing encrypted IP and modify its output before sending it to PS. 


Using AXI stream broadcaster is not an option as the encrypted IP supports AXI memory mapped burst transfer.


One possible solution is to modify the code of the AXI Interconnect IP. I would like to add the adder functionality inside the interconnect, is this possible, if yes, then where can I find the code to make modifications. Other solutions are also welcome.


I have also attached png files to explain the problem and my proposed solution better. I am using vivado 2015.4 and microzed board.


Thanks for your time!


proposed solution.png
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