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Registered: ‎05-06-2008

For Automotive Design with Xilinx XA6SLX, which design version should i choose

  Hi ,Everybody ,Thanks for your attention.


  I was doing research and development of automotive electronics, In my design , I need to use the XILINX XA Spartan6 FPGA in my design and the CAN ip core.


  So,There are three problems:


     1) In EDK10.3 and 11.4, the XA Spartan6 FPGA haven't been supported in the BSB Wizard.

         I would like to know if it is supported in EDK11.5 or other versions.


     2) The CAN ip in EDK 11.4 is locked ,so is there any solution to use this ip?

          How can I apply for a Free Evaluation of this CAN ip? and how long it can be used if i applyed for Free Evaluation.


     3) In the EDK 10.3, The CAN IP CORE of version1.5 is free to user ,but the problems is XILINX XA Spartan6 FPGA is not supported in this design tool . So , Is there any updates of EDK10 can resolve this problem. If so , I will choose the EDK 10.x and the free CAN ip to begin my design.


       Any reference answers or documents is helpfull to me.


        Thanks for your help.

       Sincerely Xiao-Xiao


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