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Registered: ‎08-08-2015

Need Urgent Help : Using VIVADO Design Suite for PCI Express 3.0, 8 lane, and AXI Interfaces for Video Processing

My scenario is as follows :-


1) I am building a Image Processing Application and using VIVADO HLS for that.

2) I have synthesized my design using VIVADO HLS, and export it as IP-XACT format.

3) I have imported it in VIVADO Design Suite, and added to the IP catalog, in a new project created.

4) Since I am building an image processing pipeline, I am using AXI Stream interfaces, 1 input stream, and 1 output stream, and mentioned that in the HLS tool itself..

5) I have a Virtex 7 690T FPGA, and have accordingly chosen the board throughout the HLS process, and the project.

6) We want to use a PCI Express 3.0, through DMA access to the CPU.

7) Now I am stuck here regarding how to proceed forward, I have gone through most of the Xilinx documentation, but am still not clear about what to do from here on.

8) There are these 3 variables for me, AXI Stream Interface, DMA, PCI Express 3.0, all I have right now is the IP of the Image Processing pipeline that I generated through VIVADO HLS.

9) Also at a later stage we would like to stream in Video, and process it through our image processing pipeline.


Please help me with an overview of steps that I need to follow to get my design together and working on a real FPGA hardware with my Computer(windows OS), as in what Xilinx IP blocks do I need to use, how will I be able to exploit the maximum bandwidth from the PCI Express Interface in my specific case of send image through a stream, what tools will I need to use at every stage.


I would be highly grateful if you guys can help me, we have a dealine to meet.

Please let me know if we need any extra information.


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Registered: ‎04-21-2014

School project?

***Many of us who help you are just FPGA enthusiasts, and not Xilinx employees. If you receive help, and give kudos (star), you're likely to continue receiving help in the future. If you get a solution, please mark it as a solution.***
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