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Registered: ‎09-10-2009

Need suggestion - PCI - Ethernet - PacketFiltering

Hi  I am new bee to this world. I am trying to do some thing like following and would like some suggestions on if any existing available development boards help me. In simple I looking for some hardware solution in filtering data packets based on some critiria. 1.       Board should have Ethernet card port available. Expecting data at the rate of 1 GB/s and so need a Gigabit port. 2.       Board should have some means of connecting it to PC – PCI Express available/USB. Following is my plan. 1. I am going to send a packet of certain type with criteria’s to filter. FPGA reads the packet and updates its criteria to filter on – For enabling dynamic filtering or setting configurations. 2. Based on the criteria’s(filters) set FPGA or processing unit will move packets to PCI-express -> PC -> application to consume data.
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