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Registered: ‎06-11-2019

Newbie with CPLD


I'm a newbie in CPLD and I need to use it in a new project. The goal of this device is to produce PWM with a duty cycle depending of a laser pulse. It's for a diode laser controller.

After several  hours passed on internet , I found this device XC9572XL ( I/O tolerant 5v,  not BGA ...). Is it a good choice ? I'm bought the XC9572XL developpement board from Dangerous Prototype. I've uploaded the ise webpack 14.7 from Xilink. But after installed it, I can't find the XC9572 in the CPLD list, only Sartpan A6 or XC2C....

What is the probleme ? 

Thanks for your help



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Registered: ‎04-26-2015

Re: Newbie with CPLD

I wouldn't recommend the XC95xx series for any new project. They're a very old part now and effectively obsolete. As you've found, the only version of ISE that's officially certified to work on Windows 10 doesn't support many chips (it should only support the Spartan 6 - maybe the CoolRunner II has been added). Every older version needs Windows XP/Vista/7, and none of the CPLDs are supported on Vivado.


Can you describe your scenario in a bit more detail? What aspects made the XC9572 a good choice here? For 5V tolerance and accurate timing, something like the STM32F334 might do the job better - it's got very high-resolution timers, a substantial portion of the I/O is 5V tolerant, and it's available in a variety of hand-solderable packages. I'm a big fan of the STM32 line for many things that would otherwise be "CPLD" tasks, mainly because Xilinx seems to have no interest in actually supporting their CPLDs.

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