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Registered: ‎08-01-2008

No command line reference for Impact/Was CableServer protocol ever documented?


I use ISE WebPack 11.1. Can someone point me to the PDF
file, which would give me more detailed explanation on scripts used
in -batch mode within Impact?


I wonder if there are any efforts to bring Cable server to the
moderately acceptable condition so that its protocol could
be known and documented? Executing this program also
doesn't give you too much information. PDFs also seem silent
about this interesting piece of ISE.

Concept of using TCP/IP to access cable programmers is 
definitely right. I wonder why it's not the default solution for
all those JTAG cable problems.

There are open source projects that try to handle CableServer
communication way, but I'm a bit tired with trying some random
source codes, and I'd like to have rock-solid environment system
powered on FreeBSD.

CableServer protocol could let FreeBSD users easily access
USB/FTDI JTAG cables easily with Impact, since several 
drivers already for various cables already exist.
Right now using Impact natively on FreeBSD generates a lot
of PITA and requires some dirty black magic.

Is someone from the Xilinx team actively working on


Wojciech A. Koszek
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