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Registered: ‎02-13-2016

Not Getting my questions answered


I posted some questions on the last few days and so far I did not get any answer to any of them.

How can I fix this? I mean, is it something about the way I describe the issue for example?

You can review my latest 3 unanswered posts:

- Posted on Dec 4, 2018:

-Posted on Nov 29, 2018:

- Posted on Nov 26, 2018:

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Registered: ‎10-03-2018

Re: Not Getting my questions answered

Good Day @asobeih,

Perhaps telling us what you have done to get something accomplished would be a start. 

I read the first of your example posts, and couldn't determine if you'd even searched for an example of any sort.  Even just a simple AXI driven interrupt handler. 

As you will see, I am a Noob.  In order to get assistance with my problems, I try to tell people what hardware and systems I am working with, and include an example of the problem which I am trying to resolve. 

When you can, boil your problem down to a simple bash file, or a small project.  When you do this, people will make the time to actually test the issue that you are trying to resolve. 

Please remember, we all (generally) learn when helping others.  So, volunteering some of our time by helping means that we generally learn something new. 

In that vein, when there is minimal information available identifying a starting point, people are disinclined to help, as they do not want to appear foolish.  For example, say that someone suggests that you follow a specific tutorial.  That suggestion opens them to mockery for suggesting that which you have already successfully accomplished. 

Good Luck!

Kind Regards,
Peimann, S. M.
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