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Registered: ‎12-07-2018

PYNQ on ZCU102 interfacing to ADI FMC


I am new to FPGA system design though I have seen developments in the tools available to implement digital filters inline such as Model Composer, System Generator and the PYNQ framework and this has lead me to question the feasability of using PYNQ in particular with a board such as the ZCU102 and a AD-FMCDAQ3-EBZ from analog devices.

I have several questions to ask for which I would very much appreciate your advice.

Could a bitstream be generated, from the same HDL designed to interface the FMC ADC for a ZC706, for a ZCU102?

I would like to do this as the I am also hoping to build the PYNQ environment for the ZCU102 and as such interface the ADC data stream from the HDL block in the  PL to the PS through that environment.

Additionally I would like to ask if you have any experience implementing a moving average algorithm in hardware using Mathworks Model Composer or indeed something like the Kalman filter in hardware.

I would very much appreciate your advice on this matter and its feasability.




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