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Registered: ‎04-20-2011

Pb reconfiguring with icap on xupV2pro with ISE8.2

Hi everybody! II'm PHD student, i'm trying to self reconfigure the xupV2pro using ISE 8.2. I've added Icap to my architecture, i'm also using the PPC with standalone. here's the C code i'm using: HWICAP_Status = XHwIcap_Initialize(&HwIcap, DeviceId, XHI_TARGET_DEVICEID); if (HWICAP_Status == XST_DEVICE_IS_STARTED) { Print("Device is already initialized."); } else if (HWICAP_Status != XST_SUCCESS) { Print("Failed to initialize: %d\r\n", HWICAP_Status); return XST_FAILURE; } Print("ICAP initialized...\r\n"); HWICAP_Status = XHwIcap_SetConfiguration(HwIcap, bit_file_addr,(size/4)); if (HWICAP_Status != XST_SUCCESS) { Print("Failed to program: %d\r\n", HWICAP_Status); return XST_FAILURE; } else Print("Programmed successfully: %c\r\n", HWICAP_Status); XHwIcap_CommandDesync(HwIcap); When trying it all success message appears! But nothing happend in reconfiguration process. May be the way to implement the hole bitfile at the beggining with boundary scan is the pb. I did success to use othe type such as select map or serial. Is what I'm trying to do is true? What should I do so? Thanks!
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