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Registered: ‎06-29-2018

Reliability program data: questions regarding missing parameters

Hello there,

I am currently working on risk analysis and would like to get some clarifications before submitting the final statistics.

These questions have risen from data given in the UG116, explanations from the XAPP1279, and the great work behind the SEU Estimator. While I love to use this latter, I also have to justify the values it generates.

1/ The SEE FIT given in the UG116 can be divided in two parts: CRAM and BRAM. While it is easy to get the size of both BRAM and CRAM for Artix and Kintex families, I cannot find the CRAM size for the Zynq family. While I found the following rule of a thumb, I wondered if there is a proper document that would justify the exact size of the CRAM.

2/ still on the SEE FIT: while the SEU estimator provides different FIT over different junction temperatures, would it please be possible to know the junction temperature used in data given in the UG116?

3/ regarding permanent faults: I am currently working with both the XAPP1279 and the UG116. However, I have some questions, and because there is a NDA, do you know who I should contact?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,



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