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Registered: ‎09-11-2011

Spartan 3ADSP not rebooting during ICAP reboot command

Dear all,


I try to make multiboot design. The first problem – Spartan 3ADSP not rebooting during ICAP reboot command.

Design specifications:

  1. Chip: XC3SD3400A-4FG676I
  2. Configuration mode: master SPI mode. Used SPI FLASH AT45DB642D. Pins configurations: M[2:0]=”101”, VS[1:0]=”11”, VS[2]=open,
  3. Bitstreams was generated in: EDK 10.1.03
  4. ICAP module was implemented in ISE 10.1.03
  5. ICAP Byte sequence given from Xapp468 (pocoboot.vhd)
  6. Bitgen option next_config_addr:200000 and ICAP_enable:Yes was set.

SPI FLASH was successfully programmed with JTAG via FPGA. In SPI FLASH written 2 images with start addresses 0 and 0x200000 respectively. At power on first image loading in FPGA successful.


It’s strange that ICAP signals NOT visible in Chipscope. However control signal “reboot” visible. Also strange that there were no activity on SPI bus during ICAP reboot command.



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