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Registered: ‎09-12-2017

Use BRAM IN PL for load Application.elf in the case of DDR less system TE0722-01



I use a TE0-722-01 (and TE0722-02I) of TRENZ Electronic. This is a DDR less system actually. My design is finish but I can't Flash the module, because there is enough space for FSBL and Application. I'm familiar with the problem today, and one of the last solution I try to do is to create a BRAM in PL with control BRAM.


The goal is : (with a simple Design first, and simple application like Hello World and control LEDRGB on the module)


The FSBL is call first, so it's execute in OCM (192 KB actually ) , that load the bitstream (.bit), for configure the PL (FPGA), with my design. At the beginning of the FSBL a preload function is called for load my application.elf in BRAM in PL.

Then at the end of FSBL, a JUMP is doing for continue in the BRAM, then the OCM is free now.


At the Start of my application a function is call for move my application into the OCM and execute it. So it should work.


But actually I don't now how to do for load my application.elf into the BRAM, What are the addresses of my application, where it is, and how can I find this. So after that, how can I copy my application into OCM.


Actually my better sources is this example :


but I have some difficult for adapt this.


Can you help me please? thank's a lot.

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