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Visitor efaz
Registered: ‎02-01-2016

Vivado HLS: creating a partial reconfigurable peripheral

Hi everybody,

I'm using a Zynq 7000 (on a ZedBoard) to develop an architecture based on the ARM PS + some custom peripheral in the programmable logic. I'm using Vivado HLS to create the peripherals and packaging them with AXI interfaces in order to use the provided driver in the SDK. It's a very conveniente work flow!

Since I want to implement partial reconfiguration capabilities I'm also using the PCAP, following a tutorial, to change the datapath inside these AXI4 peripheral. I have a really basic configuration which works well.

My question is: how can I use Vivado HLS to create from sratch a new AXI4 peripheral which has an AXI4 enclosure and a reconfigurable black box inside (where I can put different datapaths)?

Thanks in advance,


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Visitor ftcl123
Registered: ‎01-06-2018

Re: Vivado HLS: creating a partial reconfigurable peripheral

Hello,I am doing this work.

you can make a top wrapper to contain HLS IP.

And then, you can use a module like the above wrapper in the complete project.

but now, I have a question, for the future communication ,can I  get your email?

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