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Registered: ‎04-22-2016

Which product is the best choice for DDS?

Dear All,

I'm trying to research to develop the DDS system and looking for a proper product of Xilinx to implement it.

DDS : AD9910,

DDS's input frequency 2Ghz.

 and expecting output frequency sweeping between 0.1H~500Hz , period in 100ns.

 Would you please introduce me what product is the best choice to development.?


If I can use Xilinx DDS IP to implement the system with Xilinx DDS IP within above specification without AD9910,  if can, also please introduce me which Xilinx product support this..


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Scholar austin
Registered: ‎02-27-2008

Re: Which product is the best choice for DDS?

The Xilinx DSP48,


Does not run at 2 GHz.  So, it will only run to around 500 MHz (depends on the device family).  But it easily is a DDS (48 bit phase accumulator).  It has no sine lookup, or other output processing, however.  If you do not need a sine wave, then you just use the MSB.


I have seen cases where 10 DSP48 are clocked with delayed clocks to increase the effective clock to 5 GHz, but that is a lot of FPGA device resources (DSP, PLL/MMCM, logic, etc.).


An ASIC (in this case ASSP) is always going to provide an optimal point solution.  Trying to match it in the FPGA device makes no sense, unless there are features you do not need (500 MHz is OK, no sine output required).

Austin Lesea
Principal Engineer
Xilinx San Jose
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