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Visitor shultzam
Registered: ‎07-20-2015

Zynq ZC706 EMIO-GPIO Interface



I'm very new to the Zynq boards, and I have a ZC706 and trying to familiarize myself with it. Basically I want to start adding functionality to pushbuttons and LEDs for now. I see that none of the LEDs are connected to an MIO pin when I look at the schematic. My question is how do I program the PL to make the connection between the EMIO and the FPGA in order to simply blink an LED?



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Teacher muzaffer
Registered: ‎03-31-2012

Re: Zynq ZC706 EMIO-GPIO Interface

create a default project for your board which will add the necessary ip (called axi-gpio) to the pl and connect LEDs to it. After that you can write a program to talk to axi-gpio and blink the leds.
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Visitor shultzam
Registered: ‎07-20-2015

Re: Zynq ZC706 EMIO-GPIO Interface

Hello muzaffer,


Thanks, I understand what's going on now better than I have the past few days - but I'm still missing something here. I have simple code in VHDL to connect the behavior of my push buttons to my LEDs, but nothing happens when the bitstream is sent to the board.


I have added the LEDs and push buttons to the axi-gpio.. and I've included an image if you'd like to ensure it is done correctly. But what I think is happening is that my variable in VHDL are not mapped to axi-gpio. Any way you could help me out with that aspect?


Other possible issues:

1) My constraints are empty, which is not something I'm used to after working with ISE.

2) My VHDL file is listed under "Unreferenced" in the Block Design/Libraries view.

3) My VHDL file is attached as well if you'd like to examine it for issues.

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