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Newbie kirawrath
Registered: ‎12-01-2014

Zynq's GIC initialization



I'm having problems on the initialization of Zedboard's (Zynq 7000 family) GIC (Generic Interrupt Controller).

I'm not using Vivado or XSDK, as integrating my project (an OS) there proved to be incredibly difficult. The only tool that I use is XMD to load my image to the board.


I've followed exacly what the manual (gic architecture specification v1, p. 125) tells us to do, and I've reviewed my code several times. I believe that the only explanation for that is that there is something missing in the manual, like the requirement of some sort of initialization of another component.


CPSR is not masking interrupts, my vector table is set up appropriately, and I've initialized the timer to make interrupts.


That is the most intriguing is that my code works on qemu, and I do get interrupts while running my OS there, but the hardware seems to be unresponsive to interrupts, and I'm stuck on that.


Any advice on that is welcome,


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Scholar sampatd
Registered: ‎09-05-2011

Re: Zynq's GIC initialization

Here is the top-level overview of GIC initialization as per the standalone driver that comes along with the SDK install and Vivado project. 


1. Initialize the interrupt controller driver.


a. Get the device ID of GIC from the header xparameter.h

b. Lookup the configuration data and initialize the driver with it. 


2. Connect the interrupt ID to its handler (assuming that you have written a handler) 


3. Enable the interrupt for the interrupt source


4. Connect the interrupt handler with the exception table. 


Check the example code xscugic_example.c in





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