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Visitor nassim_ng
Registered: ‎09-10-2013

design issues for CDR file at board design field.



Hi all,

I am studying professional training course in board design(hardware), in the course we perform practical project(emulation board based spartan6), I design the board and all the design details I wrote within critical design review file(CDR file), so I want to consult you in the design issues, my CDR file includes those design issues:


  • Block diagram.
  • Schematics.
  • FPGA Pin outs.
  • BOM (Bills of materials).
  • Signal integrity simulations.
  • Skelton placement.
  • Power tree.
  • Power consumption and thermal design.
  • Layout constraints.
  • Stack up design.


Are there other design issues that I missed here, if you have other issues to suggest please write it, or send them to my personal E-mail: Nassim.Ghrayib@gmail.com

I mean design issues not the layout himself but the board design issues.

I perform the schematics drawing by Altium tool.

Thank you very much for help.




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Registered: ‎04-29-2012

Re: design issues for CDR file at board design field.

Hi dear Nassim,

Excuse me, can I asked you where is the place of this professional training course?

does it satisfy you?





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