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Visitor aehart1987
Registered: ‎07-03-2018

Cosimulation failure only with pipelining


I'm working with a design consisting of a loop over data from several input memories. A few values are calculated from this input data, and the results are written to an output memory. This loop needs to be pipelined with II=1. Please find attached the relevant code. The project can be created and the C-simulation, C-synthesis, and C/RTL cosimulation run using project/script_TC.tcl. The main processing loop is labeled "stub_pairs" and is found in TrackletAlgorithm/TrackletCalculator.cpp. For reference, I'm working in Vivado HLS 2018.3.

Now, when the main loop is not pipelined, the design passes the C-simulation, the C-synthesis completes without error, and the resulting RTL passes the C/RTL cosimulation. When the main loop is pipelined with II=1, the design still passes the C-simulation, the C-synthesis still completes successfully, but the C/RTL cosimulation fails. And the failure is peculiar in that some of the data in the output memory matches the expected output, but for a later iteration (see example output at the bottom).

Is it expected that there can be designs that pass the cosimulation without pipelining, but then fail it when pipelining is enabled? And in any case, is there a way to avoid this failure while still enabling pipelining?


Example output from cosimulation:

Event: 0

reference               computed
0x0813BBC6734D94019     0x0B52DE8645BDC400B     matches second reference value
0x0B52DE8645BDC400B     0x01833AF06887E440BD    matches fourth reference value
0x01822F54662EFC4047    0x0921FD105B5D0F8599    matches sixth reference value
0x01833AF06887E440BD    0x01BA30446BE7223FE5    matches eighth reference value
0x01B9158060F5ED8090    0x03C0CCC460A4004151    matches twelfth reference value
0x0921FD105B5D0F8599    missing
0x01B95544738A297FC2    missing
0x01BA30446BE7223FE5    missing
0x01BD429C6FAFCCC182    missing
0x040EC3D85353E2C269    missing
0x040FC4C85385D9C293    missing
0x03C0CCC460A4004151    missing

Event: 1

reference               computed
0x028829486093104147    0x028A27786033ECC1F4    matches second reference value
0x028A27786033ECC1F4    0x081E45D073B2F20690    matches third reference value
0x081E45D073B2F20690    0x0FB556307411C07F12    matches fourth reference value
0x0FB556307411C07F12    0x10B7035065773EBD5C    matches sixth reference value
0x02C20EC86803F58083    0x01BCEF986365203E9B    matches seventh reference value
0x10B7035065773EBD5C    0x0EAC582C8090037D9A    matches eighth reference value
0x01BCEF986365203E9B    missing
0x0EAC582C8090037D9A    missing
0x0F3119887370D1FEAC    missing
0x0F3221187516D1FEAC    missing
0x1031F87468C5E23E7A    missing
0x103200786A90E23E7A    missing




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Teacher xilinxacct
Registered: ‎10-23-2018

Re: Cosimulation failure only with pipelining


Check your logs/messages and see if it says II=1 is valid for your case... It may indicate II=2 (or seomthing) is required.

Hope that Helps

If so, Please mark as solution accepted. Kudos also welcomed. :-)

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Visitor aehart1987
Registered: ‎07-03-2018

Re: Cosimulation failure only with pipelining

Hi @xilinxacct 

The logs indicate that II=1 is achieved, and I don't see anything about a higher initiation interval being required (see output snippet below).


Output snippet:

INFO: [HLS 200-10] ----------------------------------------------------------------
INFO: [HLS 200-42] -- Implementing module 'TrackletCalculator_L_1' 
INFO: [HLS 200-10] ----------------------------------------------------------------
INFO: [SCHED 204-11] Starting scheduling ...
INFO: [SCHED 204-61] Pipelining loop 'stub_pairs'.
INFO: [SCHED 204-61] Pipelining result : Target II = 1, Final II = 1, Depth = 20.
INFO: [SCHED 204-11] Finished scheduling.
INFO: [HLS 200-111]  Elapsed time: 0.21 seconds; current allocated memory: 206.699 MB.
INFO: [BIND 205-100] Starting micro-architecture generation ...
INFO: [BIND 205-101] Performing variable lifetime analysis.
INFO: [BIND 205-101] Exploring resource sharing.
INFO: [BIND 205-101] Binding ...
INFO: [BIND 205-100] Finished micro-architecture generation.
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Visitor aehart1987
Registered: ‎07-03-2018

Re: Cosimulation failure only with pipelining

Any other ideas? I'm kind of at a loss as to what could be going wrong, or even how to debug this problem.


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