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Registered: ‎06-26-2017

HLS C testbench

Hi everyone! 

I need to implement an OpenCL kernel on an IP to run onto the ZedBoard and I am following Svensson approach (Running OpenCl on Zynq). I want to functional verify my kernel before integrating it in Vivado IP Integrator.

I get this error: 

ERROR: HLS 200 -101 Message ID '1-1' value invalid for uint argument, before this a long list of errors complaining about unknow type name ap_private is detected in the auto-generated file kernel.c (from kernel.cl). 


My question is: how should I interpret the error? What am I doing wrong?


Here my kernel interface: 


__kernel void evaluation(unsigned int N,             /*  0 */
			 __global float8 *globalX,   /*  1 */
			 __global float4 *globalV,   /*  2 */
			 __global float4 *globalA,   /*  3 */
			 __global float8 *aC,        /*  4 */
			 __global float8 *aC1,       /*  5 */
			 __global float8 *aC2,       /*  6 */
			 __local float8  *shPos,     /*  7 */
			 __local float4  *shVel,     /*  8 */
			 __local float4  *shAcc,     /*  9 */
			 unsigned int istart,        /* 10 */
			 int ppGpus,                 /* 11 */
			 int Bfactor,                /* 12 */
			 int dimension,              /* 13 */
			 __global int *next,         /* 14 */
			 __global double *loc_time,
                         double TIME,
			 double EPS,
			 double pl_core,
			 double pl_mass,
			 double rscale,
			 double mscale)


There is a lack of documentation about testing an OPENCLkernel with HLS and about the function run_hls_kernel() with arguments different than integer arrays (e.g. double, double*, floats, etc...). Not to mention vector data types...


Any idea, suggestion, link to other documentation will be greatly appreciated (and kudoed ;) )

Thanks in advance and have a nice day! 


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Registered: ‎06-26-2017

Re: HLS C testbench

I was thinking about the need to specify any group_id? or offset?

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