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Registered: ‎09-16-2016

Help in usage of hls_video_haar.h



 I am using hls_video_haar.h library of vivado hls. I am interested in very basic class of haar library "HaarLoadData", it would be a great help if anyone could give small hint about its usage. This will help me in loading my xml file. I have tried loading cascade via constructor,


 HaarLoadData(HaarClassifierCascade<STAGE,CLASSIFIER_ALL,FEATURE_MAX> &cascade,

//const int ca_flags,
const int ca_count,
//const float ca_scale,
const Size_<unsigned char> ca_real_window_size,
const int s_count[],
const float s_threshold[],
const int c_left[][FEATURE_MAX],
const int c_right[][FEATURE_MAX],
const float c_threshold[][FEATURE_MAX],
const float c_alpha[][FEATURE_MAX+1],
const unsigned int haar_feature[][FEATURE_MAX][4*HLS_HAAR_FEATURE_MAX],
const float haar_feature_weight[][FEATURE_MAX][HLS_HAAR_FEATURE_MAX]
//const int s_next[],
//const int s_child[],
//const int s_parent[],
//const int c_count[]



But most of the terms in this constructor are unknown (e.g. ca_count). If anyone knows kindly reply, it would be a great help.


Thanks !

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