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Registered: ‎12-26-2019

How to update opencv in Vivado HLS

I'm using Vivado HLS 2018.3 currently, where the provided version of opencv is 2.4.5. For my testbench code I need to update opencv to version 4 or higher.

Opencv 4.3.0 is currently installed on my computer. How should add this to the compiler for C simulation purpose? Is there a way I can update OpenCV in the vivado HLS environment?

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Registered: ‎10-04-2011

Hello @tharaka27 ,

The hls_video.h library has been deprecated and all functionality is provided for in the Vitis Vision libraries. Also, the Vitis HLS and Vivado HLS tools no longer provide a OpenCV installation as of the 2020.1 release in order to avoid library version conflicts such as you are encountering. Because Vivado HLS hls_video.h is no longer supported, and the Vision libraries in the Vitis HLS flow are the only path going forward, I recommend you upgrade your design to use these. 

I created a sticky post which describes the process of creating a TCL script to use OpenCV inside a Vitis HLS project and that is located here:

I think this will still help you create a script even though you aren't using that exact flow. However, you mention OpenCV version 4.x. While the OpenCV library is never necessary for the implementation of the Vision kernels, it is used in the example design testbenches that are provided. The version used for verification was 3.3, so any 3.x version should work directly. With version 4.x, some of the OpenCV library functions have changed, and so the examples designs may not work without modification if you use that version. 

OK, I hope this helps,


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