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Registered: ‎06-07-2016

UG902 - "...automatically includes header files"



I'm a bit confused about header files when using HLS.


According to page 24 of UG902 one can put header files in the main project directory and they will be included. At least that's my best interpretation of the guide.


However, I see in examples that only a portion or even just one header file is sometimes in that folder, while others are used.


Furthermore, I can't seem to get headers to be found during synthesis unless all headers and headers included by those headers are in the folder that initially held the c code. I mean where I found it during the "add files" stage of project creation.


I put all source and header files in that directory and then I have no problem. I don't like that type of pooling everything together, though.


I'm curious: what is the best way to provide linkage between all required files?


As far as I can tell there is supposed to be only dropping the headers in the HLS project dir and using the -I/place/with/header C-Flag. Neither of those options has been successful for me.

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