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Registered: ‎04-04-2017

Vivado HLS 2016.4 Sudden simulation/export RTL problem with project(specific to HLS FFT library)

Hi everyone,


I am having a really odd issue where my 2016.4 HLS project just suddenly stops working! Nothing has changed, my source files, settings etc have all remained the same but the same simulation is now stalling(does not finish) and the exporting RTL does not result in a working project. This is with the EXACT same setup, 0 changes.


I should mention that this issue is specific to the simulation/export of the HLS FFT library. I have tried simulating/exporting RTL of everything else and it works fine.



Does the HLS FFT Core simulation/export RTL functionality require any special license that has expired? Does Xilinx do any shadow changes to software? Because I am just baffled at how a perfectly working HLS project just suddenly stops working out of the blue. I was been trying to resolve this problem for the past 2 days without any success.


I am using a Windows 10 virtual machine via VMWare. Last update was many days ago - my HLS project was still working then so it's not a Windows update that caused this.


I have disabled firewall.

I have disabled antivirus.

I have reinstalled Vivado 2016.4 suite (I was using a floating license - System Edition)

I have installed Vivado 2017.1 suite (not working)

I have installed Vivado 2016.4 WEBPACK suite on another computer and it isn't working



Has there been a shadow patch to the HLS 2016.4 suite / HLS FFT IP CORE recently? It stopped working a couple of days ago. Please help :(

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