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Registered: ‎01-06-2016

include localparams parm not declared

Is there a way to track which file causes this error? The error message informs that the parameter is not defined, but does not indicate which file the included the file with local parameters. This was working in a prior release. I have gone through all the files by hand and I cannot find the error.

[Synth 8-1031] FPWID is not declared ["D:/cores2020/rtf64/v2/rtl/verilog/cpu/fpu/":8] is a file containing localparam declarations and is included in many other files. Its purpose is to make it possible to reuse the calcs between different modules. It is used like the following:

`include ""

module fpNormalize(clk, ce, i, o, under_i, under_o, inexact_o);

parameter FPWID = `FPWID;

`include ""

The include is always preceded by an FPWID= parameter declaration.

Simulation seems to work, but synthesis does not.


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