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Registered: ‎03-24-2019

"Base address of target slave" of 64 bit m_axi port

Hi, I'm working with a U200 and I need to access the DDR4 memory from a custom IP written in vivado_hls. In order to acces more than 4GB, I need 64 bit addressing. The IP in question is trivial: The IP is reading data continously from a m_axi port and sending it out as an AXI stream. I have added the command 'config_interface' in 'solution settings' and enabled 'm_axi_addr64'. The m_axi port is generated with 64 address bits. So far so good! When I add this IP to a block design in vivado, and click on it to customize, I can only enter a 32 bit value in the field "Base address of target slave". Entering a longer value is not allowed. A little digging revealed, that the file "ipname\solution1\impl\ip\component.xml" contains the wrong value (32) for the bitStringLength of a field called C_M_AXI_portname_TARGET_ADDR. This should be 64. I can change the value manually and set 64 bit values after that in vivado. Maybe this is worth fixing, especially for a gui only guy like me. Greetings!
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