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Registered: ‎07-29-2009

Best way to import a test vector that is editable

I have created a test vector in another project, but when I try to import it, even with searching for include files off, it somehow modifies my project corrupting it.  I haven't experimented of why importing a .data file would do anything other then put the file in a the right set, but it does.  I ended up creating a new file and copying and pasting the data into the new file to avoid it. Even with that, once it's in a set, I cannot edit it in Vivado.  It says it will open the folder and then I have to use another editor to modify the file.


So... I have two questions:

1) what is the right extension for a set of test vectors for a testbench that will allow the file to be edited in Vivado (I've tried a few, but none seem to work. My latest is .data, but that does what's described above.)?

2) How do I import a test vector file and just have it import the file without modifying anything in my project?




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