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Visitor j-timothy
Registered: ‎02-17-2008

Error in Place & Route

<edit - fixed by patching to version 10.1.03> 


I just updated a project I haven't used in about a year, and imported it into version 10.1 from 9.2. When I try to do Place & Route though, I get an error.


Starting Placer
FATAL_ERROR:Portability:PortDynamicLib.c:358:1.29 - dll open of library
   <D:/Xilinx/10.1/ISE/virtex2/lib/nt/libPlVirt2_Place.dll> failed due to an unknown reason.   Process will terminate.


Searching for solutions to this, I found several AR (29153 and 32123) which seem to address the same problem with different dll files, but neither of their solutions helped my problem. The odd thing is that its failing on a Virtex 2 related dll, but the project is set for a Spartan 3a.


Are there any solutions for this I missed or that people can suggest?




Message Edited by j-timothy on 03-04-2009 10:22 PM
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