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How can I get basic ucf of Xilinx ?

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How can I get basic ucf of Xilinx ?


I'm trying to implement to the Xilinx XC7K480T-2FFG901I.

But I want to know how can I get the  basic Xilinx XC7K480T UCF?


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Re: How can I get basic ucf of Xilinx ?

In Vivado, it is the xdc file for constraints (UCF was used with ISE, which is no longer used with devices in 7 series and newer),


Constraints are device, design, printed circuit board, specific,  There is no set of constraints for a given device (part-package).

There are board files for various boards available, which may serve as a source for your design.  For example for the Virtex-7 XC7VX485T-2FFG1761C:




I see no readily available boards for the  XC7K480T-2FFG901I device....

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Re: How can I get basic ucf of Xilinx ?

Hi @sylee119,


UCF is not supported in Vivado, only XDC is.


There is a Migration Guide UG911 which is available to ease the changeover:




Best Regards


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