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Registered: ‎10-29-2009

Place and Route Hard Macros

Hello everybody,

I have an error in the placement process,


Place:346 - The components related to Macro Instance <CRYPTO/LxorR/g12> of the Macro Definition <XOR_STTL> can not be placed in the required relative placement form

The following components are part of this structure:

   SLICEL CRYPTO/LxorR/CRYPTO/LxorR/g12/slice1, locked to site SLICE_X39Y122

   SLICEL CRYPTO/LxorR/CRYPTO/LxorR/g12/slice2

   SLICEM CRYPTO/LxorR/CRYPTO/LxorR/g12/slice3

   SLICEM CRYPTO/LxorR/CRYPTO/LxorR/g12/slice4

   SLICEL CRYPTO/LxorR/CRYPTO/LxorR/g12/slice5

   SLICEL CRYPTO/LxorR/CRYPTO/LxorR/g12/slice6

The reason for this issue is the following:

Some of the logic associated with this structure is locked. This should cause the rest of the logic to be locked.A problem was found at site SLICE_X39Y120 where we must place SLICEM CRYPTO/LxorR/CRYPTO/LxorR/g12/slice3 in order to satisfy the relative placement requirements of this logic.  SLICEL CRYPTO/sboxes/sb7/CRYPTO/sboxes/sb7/g16/slice0 appears to already be placed there which makes this design unplaceable. 


Someone have an idea ? 




 Board : Spartan3E-xc3s1600E

 Xilinx ISE 11.2 and 9.2

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