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Registered: ‎04-30-2013

SmartXplorer via ISE GUI won't allow changing the working directory with "-wd my_working_dir" command line option



I am using ISE14.3 (linux) and attempting to launch SmartXplorer jobs on another linux node (running in a VM).  I have the tools installed correctly in the same absolute path on both machines, and SSH login working fine.  I have successfully launched a remote SmartXplorer job via the command line tool.  However launching via the ISE GUI causes a problem.


Because all machines need access to the same working directory, I have set up access to shared storage accessible from the same absolute path on each machine, eg. "/share/my_user_name/".  The problem is that launching via the GUI does not allow changing the default working directory (usually in my home directory similar to "/home/username/proj/smartxplorer_results/").  I get the following error message...


ERROR: Duplicate option -wd: previous value is "smartxplorer_results"!


While launching from the command line does indeed work, it is far less convenient because SmartXplorer settings files (eg. strategy file and host list file) need to be manipulated manually, and design files need to be copied over manually to the shared working directory.


Am I doing something wrong?  Is there another way?  BTW, I have considered the possibility of NFS shared /home dirs across all machines/VMs, but that may not be an option for me at this time.  The inability to override the default working directory feels like a bug/oversight to me.  Is there any hope for a bug fix / feature release?




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Registered: ‎07-01-2008

This limitation when using the GUI version of SmartXplorer was probably done to simplify the integration of SmatXplorer into the ISE GUI. SmarXplorer is in maintenance mode now and there will be no enhancements going forward since ISE is being replaced by Vivado.

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