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Newbie cchuvalas
Registered: ‎09-12-2018

opencl RTL kernel with multiple axi interfaces

Hi there,

I'm pretty new to OpenCL and the RTL kernel architecture. I am trying to develop a kernel that does a lot of indipendant communication with multiple input/output ques, along with writing to a BRAM block.

In my system I require a a que from the host to a block in the kernel and another que from the block back to the host.

Additionally, I need to write and read a BRAM block inside the kernel.

My question is, will I need an AXI interface for each que and BRAM block? Like in the RTL kernel example in the SDAccel user guide(UG1023) they implement m00_axi and m01_axi.

My second question is, can I utilize both ports of the Dual port RAM AND write and read the information from the host?

Attached is the architecture I'm trying to achieve.

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