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ISE 12.1 installs with WebPack license, but EDK does not

I installed the Xilinx 12.1 webpack edition and downloaded a license file through the product licensing website.  I installed on an offline machine, so i downloaded the license on one computer and tranferred it to the offline machine.  I installed the webpack edition on the offline machine and copied the license file to the .Xilinx folder with the Xilinx License Config Manager. 


When i run ISE 12.1, i get no problem.  But when i open EDK, I get an error popup that says " A license was not found for the XPS feature.  Typical causes for this error are either that there is no license file found or that license files, which were found, do not contain an unexpired license with the required feature.  ..."


I click okay and proceed to make a new project.  After the first couple screens, when I choose single PowerPC, I get an error that says "Core ppc440_virtex5 cannot be found. Please quit the application as any further operation is undefined".


Any thoughts?


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Re: ISE 12.1 installs with WebPack license, but EDK does not



I hthink Webpack is for ISE only,


not the EDK,


I think EDK has up to a month to 'evaluate it'  before you must register, which might get you out of imediate trouble.