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I'm quite new in the Xilinx product and IP portfolio and have a question regarding an offer made to me about a Xilinx EF-DI-MIPI-CSI-RX-SITE license. According to: you have different levels where the license positions itself. According to my reseller this is an old license scheme but through the posts I still see that people refer to simulation, hardware evaluation licenses. I want to ensure that the license I purchase does include the HW evaluation. Does anyone have experience in this field?

Another question relates to the SITE vs WW use. We'd probably need this IP license to be used on multiple R&D sites. I assume that we'd need the WW license but I want to understand the conditions of the SITE configuration.



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I would recommend contacting the marketing rep in your region from the link below with this question. They will be able to recommend and advise of which entitlement would best suit your needs.

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Hello ,

Please note that Xilinx Hardware (HW) Eval IP Core licenses are free, however they has a limittion. More info can be found in this Answer Record:

In relation to the IP Core licenses, these come as Site, Project and Worldwide, i.e.:

A "site license" is a license for a specific site. For example, if Xilinx had a site license for MicroBlaze, everyone at Xilinx within a five-mile radius would be under the license agreement (the "site license" is defined by a five-mile radius). 

There is also a “Project license” which only allows use of the core in a single project. A "project" is defined to be a single board that is programmed using multiple bitstreams containing the core, or multiple boards that are programmed by a single bitstream containing the core.

The above is explained in this Answer Record:

Whereas, a “Worldwide license” is NOT defined by a five-mile radius and it is not specific to a single project. If there are many other users around the world are working on parts of the same/different design, they are allowed to log in and generate and use this Worldwide license no matter where they are based in the world, without breaking EULA.

As you may know, Site, Project and Worldwide licenses are not constrained to a number of seats.

When you generate any of these licenses as a floating license, the license will be given 9999 seats as shown in the following example.


# This is a permanent license generated on Tue Jun 03 16:29:25 UTC 2014

INCREMENT pci_express xilinxd 2013.08 permanent 9999 61355226A4B4 \

VENDOR_STRING=License_Type:Bought;howardp,pci_express,ip,permanent,_27773986_172415124_176082857_627 \


The user can generate as many floating or nodelock license files as they wish (i.e. after generation, the entitlement is still the same on the licensing page).

The user/administrator is required by EULA to establish a control of the scope of availability.

Hope the above is clear.

Kind Regards,
Anatoli Curran,
Xilinx Technical Support

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